Live Through This: ‘Lost’ Night At Mojito


Is Locke truly dead? Can Jack ever stop trying to fix everything and everyone? Will Sun hook up once again with Jin? Why did Daniel Faraday have to keel? When will Ben stop destroying the people who (sort of) love him? Why can’t Kate stop running and finally take her pick of the island hotties, Jack and Sawyer? And why do we keep seeing so many dead people?

These and other myriad questions have haunted Lost fans -- all 11.7 million of ‘em -- for five lengthy seasons (and have taunted millions more in truly Lost weekends of catch-up DVD watching). Now, at last, the end is near, along with apparently many answers and characters thought dead and gone, and Lost’s sixth and final season is upon us, starting Feb. 2.

Also beginning that very day is the chance to commune with other Lost survivors and fanatics at Mojito. The club will throw a viewing bash every Tuesday starting Feb. 2: Each episode will get projected on a big screen, sound roaring out of the house PA, till the crash survivors peel back the island’s -- or fate’s -- mythology and reveal the final mystery. Special cocktail tie-ins based on show themes are expected, and Grass Roots Record Company singer-songwriter Lee Bob Watson promises to offer up two full sets of song after each viewing. Send out a search party: Getting Lost gets more fun.

Lost night happens Tuesdays, starting Feb. 2, 7:30 p.m., at Mojito, 1337 Grant Ave., SF. (415) 398-1120.

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