Join us weekly as the crew features a look that is meticulously styled, coiffed and made up to create an edgy, runway-ready look with fashion-forward selections straight from local boutiques in your neighborhood.

 Hush II
For the day: Acne narrow leg jeans ($299); A.P.C. wool sweater ($204); grey hat is model's own.

 Hush II   Hush II

 Hush II
For the evening: Alexander Wang metal silk top ($460); Jovovich-Hawk rainbow pants ($368); 49 SQ. MI. Ansel clutch ($234); shoes are model's own.

Clothes supplied by Hush 1878 Union St., 415-563-4874

Model: Kat at Elite
Photographer: Misha Vladimirskiy at
Hair: Fritz Clay at Hair Play and (using Set by Hair Play products)
Makeup: Steve Rodrigues at
Stylist: Ameliana Kamstra at
Assistant: Pete Nguyen at

Special thanks to Melissa Ryan, Cristina Moe, Marily, Stephanie and Christina at Hush.