So here's the scenario: your boyfriend invited you to spend Thanksgiving with his family, yes all of his family. You're slightly panicked because not only is it the first time you're meeting Grandma & Co.,  but you've gotten used to having a casual potluck with friends to celebrate the national day of overeating.

Well fear not, dear readers, the key to getting dressed for such a specific occasion is striking the perfect balance between comfort and class, giving you the confidence to power through the introductions and endless food. We think we've found just the thing, a wonderfully festive dress with enough room for seconds without looking frumpy:




1. Moulinette Soeurs Maeshowe Shirtdress, $158

2. Topshop Knitted Chunky Crop Cardigan in blush, $80

3. Forever 21 Antique Bracelet Set, $9.80

4. Apt. 9 Opaque Microfiber Tights in navy blue, $6.99

5. Frye Betty T-Straps in brown, $168