Perhaps this is a bit dramatic, but we're pretty sure all our friends and acquaintences (that we casually stalk on Facebook) have signed a secret pact to get hitched this summer. And as much as we love a good party, weddings seriously stress us out.

Not only do you have to make a registry gift appear heartfelt, you also have to look fabulous without outshining the bride. Add in all the "rules" (ie. no black, no white, don't look like a bridesmaid, etc.) and shopping starts to seem more like a chore than one of our favorite pasttimes.

But never fear, we scoured the web for an ensemble that will make us stand out from the crowd (but not overly so), and think we've come up with just the thing:



1. Topshop Paint Floral Bandeau Dress, $70

2. Juicy Couture Antique Glass Earrings, $70

3. Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Fuschia 54, $18

4. Bebe Metallic Zig Zag Clutch, $11.99

5. Aldo Eggenberg Patent Leather Pump in mustard, $59.98