Anchor & Hope might look the same, but the restaurant has recently upped the pleasure of drinking there completely by instituting a happy hour, which focuses on a greatly upgraded beer selection (from just a handful of beers on tap to, now, 16). To top this off, the current bottle list features over 65 choices. And all these beers make the delicious happy hour noshes go down easily.

I recently had an Allagash White (Portland, Maine) for $3 while munching from a cone of perfectly cooked Parmesan fries ($6) and unbelievably delicious house-made smoked kielbasa with homemade sauerkraut ($6.50). Other beers on-tap were equally tempting, including Belgian faves La Chouffe and Kwak (which is served in its traditional test-tube like glass and would be perfect with the kielbasa).

As we’ve been noting lately, happy hours in San Francisco have been getting happier. Now you can put Anchor & Hope on your to-do list.