On Wednesday, November 14, Louis Vuitton and W Magazine hosted a bash at the Louis Vuitton Union Square flagship store. The cocktail reception celebrated the one-year anniversary of LV in Union Square with treats and libations as well as stylists on hand to advise partygoers on the latest trends.

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Eugene Whang, Janet Walder (Store Director), Shane DJ Sureshot     Winnie Wong, Lily Trinh

 Kelly Wright, Josephine Wong  Mark Levinson, Donna Berry    Claire Tarushka, David Reposar 

Christina Ribinson, Alice Zhang   Shaila Freyer, Justin Fichelson  John Paul, Angela Straube

Erin Malcolm, Johanna Tolentino, Nicky Simmons         Marietta Thornton, Billy Ola Hutchinson

Kimberly Bakker, Claudia Ross       Tanya Gill, Kelly Wright           Carolina Ignacio, Troy Anicete 

Nicky Simmons, Anthony Rollins-Mullens             Tyson Lee, Ernesto Jerez, Pinyo Kitlertphiroj

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