Love and Hate: Our Fashion Editors Look Back On 2009


As the year (and decade, what?!) draws to a close, we've found ourselves reminiscing on the good, the bad and the ugly that made it unforgettable. And whether we're swooning over the ever-impressive local designers or giggling about manties and heavage, you can be sure we're always looking through a fabulous fashion lens, usually with a Tropisueño margarita in hand. So without further ado, the best and worst of 2009:



Love: The Return of the Dandy. Oscar Wilde and Fred Astaire made a comeback ... on the fashion front. Designers have been inspired by a more tailored Edwardian look for men and we couldn’t be happier. Caps, bow ties, ascots, fitted blazers and more will give our men that irresistible dashing and dapper look of a bygone era.

Hate: Scary man trends. Manties, mirdles, meggings, oh my. Transforming lady things into man fads was all the rage over the past year and we couldn’t help rolling our eyes each time a new look hit headlines. Truth—some styles are just not meant to be unisex. 


Love: No Pants a la Beyonce. Single ladies unite! Sasha Fierce and Lady Gaga showed us how to free your legs with class and couture.

Hate: No Pants a la Miley Cyrus. Because well, 17-year-olds don't belong on stripper poles, with or without pants.

Love: Chanel Re-Opening. This sparkling bi-level space is what fashionista dreams are made of.

Hate: YSL Closing. Though our budgets don't allow for a closet full of YSL, there are few places we'd rather be window shopping.

Love: Convertible Clothing. Items that can be worn in multiple ways captured our imaginations, not to mention the ardor of our wallets.

Hate: Wearing Something Once. Loving and leaving wardrobe items after just one wear became an utter faux pas as the economy tanked and getting creative in the closet became all the rage.

Love: Local designer scene continues to blossom and grow. Bay Area designers have never been more visible or as accessible as they were this year, thanks in large part to a surge in eco-friendly fashion labels based here and residents’ continued interest in shopping outside the confines of the mall.

Hate: Still No SF Fashion Week. We lament the ongoing absence of an annual event showcasing the best of local fashion talent. That said, we’d much rather see it done well than without the proper resources.

Love: Nail Art. Rainbow colors, black, silver and bold printed patterns descended upon the salon scene this year. We wholeheartedly declare nail flair the new “it” accessory. From Minx alligator skin to Wet ‘n’ Wild nocturnal nail lacquer, a little sass is just what we all need during these trying times.

Hate: Neutral Nails. Pastels and brights for spring/summer, deep berry colors for fall/winter—blah, blah, blasé. There will always be a place for the mainstream mani, but we say put conservative aside and have some fun instead.

Love: Snood/Eternity Scarf. Here’s one trend we hope never goes out of style. This combination hood/circle scarf was all over the runways and tops of our must-have-now list. Finally, a functional accessory that also flaunts your fashion cred.

Hate: Snuggie. We understand wanting to be warm (especially in our frigid, no-heat offices) but will never, I repeat NEVER, stoop to the snuggie. It may have sold millions, but this is one trend that will not fly on the fashion scene.

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