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Amber Marie Bently Jewelry Party

Amber Marie Bently celebrated the launch of her jewelry line, consisting of three parts: Overture, The Aman and her couture line The Oro, with an exotic jungle-themed party. Bently's jewelry is available at Kamalaspa, the day spa and salon she owns with husband Christopher, and at Manika Jewelry.

Jairo Chacon_Kristen O'Donnell Clae Herring_Chuck Johnson Amber Marie Bently_Melly Hajian
Jairo Chacon,Kristen O'Donnell  Clae Herring,Chuck Johnson  Amber Marie Bently,Melly Hajian

 Ella Keevin_Nicole Nejeschleva  Model in Jewelry by AMB Amber Marie Bently_Tippi Hedren
Ella Keevin, Nicole Nejeschleva                                                   Amber Marie B., Tippi Hedren

 Ted & Pamala Deikel_Amber Marie Bently Ramune Amdrozaitis_Dorothy Torresi
Ted & Pamala Deikel, Amber Marie B.                          Ramune Amdrozaitis, Dorothy Torresi

Paul Corso_Candace bbott_Ali Grosslight Holly Kopman_Christopher Bently
Paul Corso, Candace Abbott, Ali Grosslight                Holly Kopman, Christopher Bently

Kim Givsan_Tippi Hedren_Marc Calvano Cherie Thum_Amber Marie Bently
Kim Givsan, Tippi Hedren, Marc Calvano                     Cherie Thum, Amber Marie B.

Perez_Kornakov_Peters Skye Sands_Lisa Rogers
Abel Perez, Dimitri Kornakov, Jason Christopher Peters   Skye Sands, Lisa Rogers

Cece Dela Montagne_Joy Bianchi_Marina Engen Janel Adronico_Tarik Karah
Cece Dela Montagne, Joy Bianchi, Marina Engen    Janel Adronico, Tarik Karah

Adrienne Arieff, Shannon Bavaro, Guest, Candace Abbott

Claudia Ross, Amber Marie Bently, Tippi Hedren, Sophie Azouaou

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