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Art Stars in Napa

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

The Caldwell Snyder Gallery had its grand opening last weekend in St. Helena's Star Building, which was designed by turn-of-the-century architect H.W. Corbett. The gallery’s collection of modern and contemporary art includes pieces by Gilles Marrey, Frank Stella and Popliteo.

Barrett Mettler, Anne Diamond   John Duarte, Kristi Bowden     Julie Capito Simmons, Stephanie Walters

Matt and Regina Weinstein          Julie Plunkett, Jennifer Brown    Tamara Winters, Michelle Hagen

Karen Caldwell, Susan Snyder   Paul Balmer, Jean Larette         Erica Stefan, Kim Wiese

Shilah Salmon, Faith Wells            Josh and Elizabeth Thieriot         Deborah Jacobs, Nicole Thomason

Susan Snyder, Steven Sockolov  Azlina Ahmad, Rick Powers      Melissa DeMaria, Lisa Alexander

Erin Martin, Drew Olin, Karen Caldwell                      Shelley Gordon, Daru Kawalkowski

Michelle Cheatam, Shelley Gordon, Christina Delimur

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