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ArtPoint Winter Party

photography by Vasna Wilson for Drew Altizer

ArtPoint threw its winter membership mixer at Ralph Lauren's Rugby store on Union Street last week. Fifteen percent of all of the purchases made at the event were donated to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Brittany Bart_Leila Yousif Jackie James_James Kopecky Tanya Nurkiewicz_Carol Tran
Brittany Bart, Leila Yousif            Jackie James, James Kopecky    Tanya Nurkiewicz, Carol Tran

Singleton_Price_Price Lori Schectel_Danza Freeland
V'Anne Singleton, David & Elizabeth Price                                       Lori Schectel, Danza Freeland

Seyi Adegoke_Gaelle Aharonin_Chid Liberty Lauren Kolodisner_Jennifer Maldonado
Seyi Adegoke, Gaelle Aharonin, Chid Liberty                    Lauren Kolodisner, Jennifer Maldonado

Kopecky_Washington_Harris Seth Combs_Forrest Wittenmeier
James Kopecky, Kay Washington, Kevin Harris                            Seth Combs, Forrest Wittenmeier

Kelly Hochman_Renee Goldstein_Jeff Durlester Collin Federle_Chelsey Seittel
Kelly Hochman, Renee Goldstein, Jeff Durlester                             Collin Federle, Chelsey Seittel

Katherine Vest_Paul April_Van Nguyen Katie McMahon_Signe Newman
Katherine Vest, Paul April, Van Nguyen                              Katie McMahon, Signe Newman

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