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Back to School Lunch Awards

San Francisco School Volunteers hosted a "Back to School Lunch" at The Fairmont to honor standout volunteers in the city's public schools.

Ed & Betsy McDermott Raj & Soo Venkatesan Gavin Newsom_Judy Grossman
Ed & Betsy McDermott                Raj & Soo Venkatesan             Gavin Newsom, Judy Grossman  

Michelle Riley_Amy DeFoor_Stacey Scott Monica Maduro_Stacey Scott
Michelle Riley, Amy DeFoor, Stacey Scott                    Monica Maduro, Stacey Scott

McClennahan_Hooker_Lenzo Judy & Dan Grossman
Shannon McClennahan, Kimberly Hooker, Lisa Lenzo      Judy & Dan Grossman

Amy DeFoor_Catherin Kuuskraa_Holly Peterson Shannon Cronan_Ana Brockway
Amy DeFoor, Catherine Kuuskraa, Holly Peterson      Shannon Cronan, Ana Brockway

Cindy Morris, Maija Muncy Frisbie, Judy Grossman, Antoinette Osbourne

Katie McMillan, Sarah Johnson, Jennifer Smyth, Jill Hetherington

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