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BRAVO's Golden Hollywood Ball

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

BRAVO! CLUB’s 16th annual opening night gala, The Golden Hollywood Ball, included a cocktail reception, dinner and dancing well into the night at City Hall. Michelle Marie Robertson and Sean Cullen were co-chairs of the black-tie event.

Adriana & Bill Hayward Amy Barnard-Bahm_Michael Bahm Christine Hwang_Oceana Anderson
Adriana & Bill Hayward          Amy Barnard & Michael Bahm  Christine Hwang, Oceana Anderson

Audrey Sadler_DJ Grubb Juliette Robbins_Sean Cullen Holly Marie Villiger_Fred Clark
Audrey Sadler, DJ Grubb            Juliette Robbins, Sean Cullen   Holly Marie Villiger, Fred Clark

Dee Dixon_Henry Loubet Elizabeth & Jim Dougherty Kelly Grimes_Roberta Economidis
Dee Dixon, Henry Loubet            Elizabeth & Jim Dougherty      Kelly Grimes, Roberta Economidis

Paula Elmore_Fati Farmanfarmaian Diana Westnedge Michelle Robertson_Sean Cullen
Paula Elmore, Fati Farmanfarmaian     Diana Westnedge            Michelle Robertson, Sean Cullen

 Mason Wenger_Marie Carr Makai Fisher_Vasken Sarkissian Virginia_Alvin Ziegler
Mason Wenger, Marie Carr       Makai Fisher, Vasken Sarkissian   Virginia & Alvin Ziegler

Robertson_Cullen_Ziegler Roberta Economidis_Laura Miller
Michelle R., Sean C., Virginia Z.                                     Roberta E., Laura Miller

Paula Elmore_Performer_Fati Farmanfarmaian Kim DiGiulio_Jonathon Solomon
Paula E., performer, Princess Fati F.                            Kim DiGiulio, Jonathon Solomon

Roma Chugani, Prince Rudolf Melikoff, Leslie Kilby Black, Charlie Schlangen

Bravo Club Opera Gala
City Hall Rotunda

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