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Community Leadership Awards

The San Francisco Foundation celebrated its 2007 Community Leadership Award winners—Alonzo King, Arnold Perkins, Eva Paterson, Jane Garcia and Swords to Ploughshares—at the Herbst Theatre, War Memorial Building. The four individual winners each received $10,000 and Swords to Ploughshares was awarded $20,000.

Belle Yan_Minnie Wong Andre Mouton_Alonzo King Alison Cross_Francesca Regala
Belle Yan, Minnie Wong              Andre Mouton, Alonzo King     Alison Cross, Francesca Regala

 Carol Lamont_Michael Blecker Jane Garcia Tatwina Lee_Karen Perkins
Carol Lamont, Michael Blecker             Jane Garcia          Sara Ying Rounsaville, Retha Robinson

Dana Hemingway_Kiara Kempski Jaime Cortez_Alonzo King
Dana Hemingway, Kiara Kempski                                  Jaime Cortez, Alonzo King

Sandra Hernandez_Arabella Martinez Kevin Seaman_Laura Grossmann
Sandra Hernandez, Arabella Martinez                          Kevin Seaman, Laura Grossmann

Ellin O'leary, Arnold Perkins, Jacinda Abcarian, Sixto Cantara

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