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Deikels Host Luncheon for USCF Medical Center

photography by Drew Altizer

On March 3, Ted and Pamala Deikel co-hosted a luncheon with Robert Atkinson that honored the UCSF Medical Center. Twenty-two attendees enjoyed the posh event, which included a fashion show.

Atmosphere                                             Heather Hoover, Kelly O'Brien, Kathy Balestreri

Pamala Deikel, Robert Atkinson; Kelly O'Brien, Karen Lott; Nicole Faidi, Ted Deikel, Pamala Deikel

Pamala Deikel, Jane Inch                             Suzanne Rischman, Carl Adams

Kathy Balestreri, Carl Adams, Pamala Deikel, Ted Deikel       Ted Deikel, Barbara Rosenberg

Robert Atkinson, Mark Laret                 Suzanne Rischman, Pamala Deikel, Sterrin Bird