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“Frida Kahlo” Opening At SFMOMA

On Wednesday, June 11 the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art celebrated the opening of the anticipated “Frida Kahlo” retrospective with a preview of the exhibition for museum patrons. The exhibition, which commemorates the centennial of Kahlo’s birth, features a collection of never-seen personal photographs.

Jarrett Earnest, Charlene Hand

Bradley James, Aventi Madan

Lucienne Allen, David Allen

Pilar Woodman, Sandy Woodman

Rita Campbell, Freda Scott, Scott Roth, Victoria Treyger

Richard Gibson, Anya Behn

Gabriela Giuliani, Jessica Whiteside

Danni Cirignano, Shannon Barnes

Mary Powers, Dan Blahut

Tracy Tanner, Brianne DeJohn

Matt Machado, Brett Connor

 Persia Parra

Brian Caruso, Katie Duffy

Frederick Gums, Kathy Salas

 Ariane Maclean, Gretchen Coffman

Ruby Ocampo, Lissa Doty, Jill Thomas, Eileen O'Reilly

Amanda Schultz, Courtney Ziegler

Salvatore Grande, Adrianne Conen

Owen Ray, Caitlin Moneypenny-Johnston

Olivia Park, Desiree Callouette