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Glitter Ball 2008

On Saturday, April 12 the Junior League Committee to the Woman’s Board of California Pacific Medical Center Foundation hosted the Glitter Ball 2008, which benefited the Forbes Norris MDA/ALS Research Center.

Dare Felchlin, Courtney Joglekar, Maria Sullivan

Katharine Murphy, Maria Sullivan

Sande Schlumberger, Roxanne Schlumberger

Camille Freeman, Perry Freeman

Natalie Deutsch, Katharine Murphy

Dare Felchlin, Marley Orr, Kate Stone

Garrik Sturges, Dare Flechlin

Marely Orr, Lauren McCreery, Susanna MaGrane, Cameron Fisher, Patricia Prendergrast

Dare Felchlin, Giffin Oliver, Lilly Allen

Patricia Quadros, Lonnie Yates

Lynn Meardy, Jerry Mapp

Courtney Joglekar, Georgene Usher

Sande Schlumberger, Gail Glasser

Robert Miller, Christine Miller

Morgan Gwin, Kate Larsen

Chetan Joglekar, Courtney Joglekar

Charlotte Murphy, Mark Tope

Camille Freeman, Amy Logan