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Honoring "Rock Stars" and CEOs

The Exploratorium's 30th Annual Awards Dinner honored a wide range of folks, from "rock star" (aka paleontologist) Ken Miller to Carol Bartz, former CEO of Autodesk. Nobel laureates rubbed elbows with corporate executives and high-society philanthropists including Stanford's Don Glaser, Intel's Paul Otellini, Mitzi Perdue (of Perdue chickens) and Bill and Ute Bowes.

Melissa and Scott Cutler                 Josh Piuma, Melissa Tidwell                Michelle Graham, Rick Lewis  

James and Victoria Hyde-Dunn     Joe and Kaye Astroth                    Ted Ridgeway, Ellena Ochoa  

Simon and Farah Robinson        Marie-Jose and Kent Baum      James Hyde-Dunn, Greg Ware

Molly Graham, Meredith Kendall, Amanda Angelotti                   Elizabeth and David Evans

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