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Junior League of San Francisco’s Patron Event

photography by Aubrie Pick for Drew Altizer

On Wednesday, February 27, Jackson Square boutique Carrots hosted the Junior League of San Francisco’s patron event for the 82nd annual fashion show “American Beauty.” The exclusive party featured hors d’oeuvres courtesy of Componere Fine Catering and a custom cigar rolling station.

Victoria Yeager Sawyer, Ali Kolozsi                                              Molly Malone, Andrew Lent

Tamra Bidegary, Sarah Vallette, Emily Hall                  Lucy Hume Koukopoulos, Jessica Kaludis

Catherine Kuuskraa, Katherine McShane, Pam Lauper                 Jennifer Griffith, Margaret Ryan

Nick Koukopoulos, Kimberly Hooker    Katie Schmidt, Christina Javer            Judy Jorgensen

Victoria Yeager Sawyer, Ethan Mantle, Suzanne Rischmann   Carrie Wurlitzer, Laura Fogelman

Jennifer Marples, Alex Skillman                                              Anita Wong, Wendy Simon Armstrong

Melissa Grimm, Kelly Grimes, Catie Grimm                                     Andrew Hsu, Julia Boudreau