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Marni at Neiman Marcus

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Neiman Marcus hosted a cocktail party for Marni designer Consuelo Castiglioni. Models dudded in Marni fashions mingled through the crowd of 60 or so folks in attendance.

Sarah Brennan_Joanna Lamb Vicky Winston_Martel Toler Claire Taggart_Ida Simonsen
Sarah Brennan, Joanna Lamb   Vicky Winston, Martel Toler          Claire Taggart, Ida Simonsen

Susie Dominick_Judy Singer Lucia Sbarro_Pamela Donahue Jennifer Smith_Jane Matsui
Susie Dominick, Judy Singer    Lucia Sbarro, Pamela Donahue   Jennifer Smith, Jane Matsui

Simonsen_Voarino_Haan Margaritte Scanlin_Sharon Owyang-Lee
Ida S., Luca Voarino (Marni VP), Libby Haan             Margaritte Scanlin, Sharon Owyang-Lee       

Miller_Ojala_Mozafar Maggie Honda_Claire Taggart
Laura Miller, Michelle Ojala, Ladan Mozafar                        Maggie Honda, Claire T.

Lor_Hadeed_Gorski Samantha DeJean_Andrea Coen
Shaun Lor, John Hadeed, David Gorski                             Samantha DeJean, Andrea Coen

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