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Only in San Francisco …

I don’t love the “only in San Francisco” qualifier.

Likely because my mom in Michigan says this when I tell her about certain happenings in my life.

However, a truly “only in San Francisco” event occurred this year when moved into the historic Mission Armory.

Peter Acworth, the CEO, decided to expand his adult entertainment empire and purchased the Armory for $14.5 million. Read more about Peter in 7x7's "The New Pornographers."

Peter Acworth of

The Armory purchase was controversial for many San Franciscans (shock!) who didn’t like the idea of a porn company developing in their hood, but so far so good. That is, until Peter’s recent plan to turn a portion of the Armory into “kinky condos.” 

So all this got me thinking: Sure you’ve heard about him, but have you actually heard him?

I had the chance to tour the space and interview Peter last year on my show. You can listen to our discussions here:

Episode 41: Cyber Porn, part 1

Episode 41: Cyber Porn, part 2

Perhaps you’ll move past the “porn king” thing and appreciate that he’s also a super savvy businessman who happens to create porn for a living. That doesn’t suck. To love what you do and sometimes see half-naked woman walking past your office. ... I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing.



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