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Polo in Petaluma

Petaluma's Cerro Pampa Polo Club Grey Goose Oyster Cup, which is the highest goal polo tournament played in Northern California, was held last weekend with a portion of the proceeds going to The Nature Conservancy. The event stretched well into the night with cocktails, dinner and dancing.

Holt_Tyndall_Freyer AllisonSpeer_DominiqueHarrington
Katherine Holt, David Tyndall, Shaila Freyer              Allison Speer, Dominique Harrington

Goosherst_Reynal_Lataliste Juan Martine_Agustina Basombrio
Kimberly Goosherst, Victoire Reynal, Consuela Lataliste  Juan Martine, Agustina Basombrio

Freyer_Dickinson_Holt Patrick Perigaud_Mariana Ricci
Shaila F., Lauren Dickinson, Katherine H.               Patrick Perigaud, Mariana Ricci

Harrington_Gatti_Speer Jack Ajluni_Ali Veach
Dominique H,, Stanlee Gatti, Allison S.                       Jack Ajluni, Ali Veach

JP Thieriot_Leslie Thieriot Luke Burke_Amy Colemen
JP Thieriot, Leslie Thieriot                                     Luke Burke, Amy Colemen

Allison Speer_Alexis Traina John Bickford_Katherine Holt
Allison S., Alexis T.                                                         John Bickford, Katherine H.

Oien_Gathard_Barrionuevo Colemen_Wright_Smith
Patty Oien, Debbie Gathard, Karina Barrionuevo    Amy C., Eric Wright, Cambria Smith

Page Lys Baron, Randall Sosnick, Matt Pretzer, Susan Boedy

Kim Pruitt_Samuel Long Lex Tyndall_Wil Wick
Kim Pruitt, Samuel Long               Lex Tyndall, Wil Wick

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