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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the W Hotel

photography by Aubrie Pick for Drew Altizer

SF's National Resources Defence Council presented "a retrospect on the environmental movement and policies created" featuring Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., NRDC's senior attorney, at the W San Francisco.

Damon Edwards_Francis Stark Amy Conger_Elizabeth Walke Kelly Krueger_Autumn Feldmeier
Damon Edwards, Francis Stark  Amy Conger, Elizabeth Walke  Kelly Krueger, Autumn Feldmeier

Bianca Velishek_Ray Bourhis Heather Loomis_Peter Shanley Melissa Brown_Nish Nadaraja
Bianca Velishek, Ray Bourhis   Heather Loomis, Peter Shanley  Melissa Brown, Nish Nadaraja

Heather Loomis_Robert Kennedy Jr._James Taylor Renee Brunner_Ann Marie Cooke
Heather L., Robert Kennedy, Jr., James Taylor                          Renee Brunner, Ann Marie Cooke

Allison Shrier_Alana Burke_Candace Rossman Kelly McGonigle_Danita Raminha
Allison Shrier, Alana Burke, Candace Rossman                        Kelly McGonigle, Danita Raminha

Jared Cosulich_Lauren Sardina_Greg Morris Robert Kennedy Jr._Kimberly Pinkson
Jared Cosulich, Lauren Sardina, Greg Morris                      Robert Kennedy Jr., Kimberly Pinkson

Susie Heller, Erica Bell, Sarah Wechsberg, Subina Mahal

Kimberly P., Jennifer Eagen, Nicole MacNaughton, Lizzie Nichols