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Rugby Store Opening

photography by Vasna Wilson for Drew Altizer

Ralph Lauren's Rugby celebrated its grand opening on Union Street with food, drinks and beats by DJ Steve Aoki

Brad Krueger_Ed Curran Erin Shouldis_Erin Loop Katya Sorokko_Sabrina Buell
Brad Krueger, Ed Curran             Erin Shouldis, Erin Loop             Katya Sorokko, Sabrina Buell

Peter & Tara Hladun Alan Owings_Francesca Koe Alex Jaeger_Shannon Leahy
Peter & Tara Hladun                    Alan Owings, Francesca Koe     Alex Jaeger, Shannon Leahy

Casey McDonald_Lauren Chaparro DJ Steve Aoki Eoin O'Toole_Candance White
Casey McDonald, Lauren Chaparro         DJ Steve Aoki                 Eoin O'Toole, Candance White

Sara & Mike Lai Jeffrey Marks_Ross Cassidy James Kopecky_Crystal Akins
Sara & Mike Lai                             Jeffrey Marks, Ross Cassidy      James Kopecky, Crystal Akins

Theresa Tilley_William Palank Yetunde Schuhmann Susan Harris_Johanna Leap
Theresa Tilley, William Palank          Yetunde Schumann            Susan Harris, Johanna Leap

Richard Wright_Annie Baghramian Rugby Store Opening Patrick and Elizabeth Malkassian
Richard Wright, Annie Baghramian                                                   Patrick & Elizabeth Malkassian

Nicole Wyne_Georgia Getchow_Nora Lee Steven & Andrea Leibof
Nicole Wyne, Georgia Getchow, Nora Lee                                       Steven & Andrea Leibof

Lauren Sorof_Josh Kaplan_Andrea Leibof Kim Wilsey_Tatiana Sorokko
Lauren Sorof, Josh Kaplan, guest                                            Kim Wilsey, Tatiana Sorokko

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