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Socks and Sex

So it’s the men in socks killing our sex drive!

A new British survey in the Sun revealed that “one in five couples never have sex” and “more than 44 percent of men keep their socks on while they make love.”

It seems as though the Brits could use some sort of sex challenge as well. 

Best part of the article is the debate about men wearing socks to bed. Sure, you might be thinking, not hot. However a professor had time to study the impact of socks and sex and found more orgasms were achieved when socks were on.

I can’t get past this socks thing (even though the article goes on to talk about scientific proof of the G-spot).

Socks in bed feeds into one of my favorite discussions: top turn-ons and turn-offs in bed.

Some of your fellow San Franciscans and sex partners have this to say on the matter:

“This sounds cliché but it’s such a turn off when guys go right for the prize without foreplay. I thought men loved boobs, the last guy I slept with guy never once touched them.”  - Deena, 38, Sunset

“I can stand it when girls don’t know what they want in bed. I always ask this girl I’m sleeping with, and she never tells me, but she never has orgasms. I’m not a mind reader and I’m getting annoyed.”  - Michael, 27, Mission

“I just realized I need a guy to talk dirty to me. It doesn’t have to be raunchy but even a little bit about what he wants to do to me or is doing to me turns me on like nothing else ever has.”  - Becca – 24, Cow Hollow

“My ex always dressed up for me. Even on random nights she’d throw on one of her burning man latex thingies and dance around. One time she wore a blond wig and because she’s brunette it was like I was having sex with someone else for the night.”  Aaron – 36, Upper Market

“Turn offs: low energy behavior, rolling over and falling asleep after he orgasms, guys that don’t take care of me first, guys that just do the deed quickly and are done ... Turn ons: all the opposite of the above; lots of foreplay, guys that can’t wait to rip my clothes off but take a long time touching and licking. I need to control the pace, I move him into different positions and places, start on the sofa move to the bathroom counter, facing a mirror, on a chair, then in bed.”  - Eva, 48, Pacific Heights

Remember this: one person’s turn-off is another’s wet dream. I’m just saying …