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Toys for Tots Holiday Party

Martin and Rosalina Lydster hosted a holiday party benefitting Toys for Tots.

Chrissy Laffere_Denise Ham Betty Rodriguez_Jared Lehr Lori Levine_Julie Veronese
Chrissy Laffere, Denise Ham      Betty Rodriguez, Jared Lehr      Lori Levine, Julie Veronese

Sunni Im_Mimi Frey Rene Singh_Mark Calvano Jason Oronzi_Allison McCoy
Sunni Im, Mimi Frey                       Rene Singh, Mark Calvano       Jason Oronzi, Allison McCoy

Terrence Gee_Egen Tsai Roberto Aguilar_Omar Teutle David Holly_Rosalina Lydster
Terrence Gee, Egen Tsai            Roberto Aguilar, Omar Teutle     David Holly, Rosalina Lydster

Miller_Farrow_Ross Spencer Meldrum_Brittany Lydster
Kimberly Miller, Maria Manetti Farrow, Claudia Ross               Spencer Meldrum, Brittany Lydster

Taylor Brown_Brent Laffere_Luke Burke Amber Marie Bently_Christopher Bently
Taylor Brown, Brent Laffere, Luke Burke                                     Amber Marie & Christopher Bently

Melissa Preovolos, Tierra Peters, Chris Clouse, Solomon Kahn, Nicole Cronin

Michael Marcus_Lori Levine_Craig Cardon_guest
Michael Marcus, Lori Levine, Craig Cardon, guest