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Twiga Gallery Grand Reopening

On Thursday, May 15 the Twiga gallery celebrated the opening of its newly designed space with a party and benefit. The gallery, which features African-made art and jewelry, threw a lavish cocktail fete, which showcased the new collection of African jewelry and benefited the Mbinga Children’s Fund.

Daryl Crawford, Christine Rios

May Ramirez, Kate Brockie

Tarisai Garande, Twiga

Dean Hutchinson

Christine Rios, Twiga

Christopher Hoover, George Rosenfield

Greg Cogan, Alvin Sandhir

Greg Mason, Katrina Barilov

Nadia Reynova, Katrina Barilov

Denise Bradley, Twiga

Stephan Skipakevich, Maria Majda, Nadia Reynova