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Vintage 415er's Birthday Bash

Vintage 415's Todd Palmerton celebrated his birthday in style at Ana Mandara and with a guest appearance and brief step up to the decks by DJ AM.

Erica Ortiz, Jeffrey Harris          Brent McMicking, Lexie Bethel     Todd P., Mikaela Bernstein

Doug & Lacey Wilson                Alexa Tari, Cameron Phleger   Carel Hearon, Christina Spalding

Jennifer & Jessica West             Doug Dalton, Allison Koch    Catherine Mindell, Mickey Nelson

Ted Hulbush, Ali Tomlin           Kevin Green, Alyssa Warnock  Lauren Nelson, Meredith Stead

Michelle Hull, Alex Fisher   Nordi Reid, Candace Cleveland  Jacqueline Quantrell, Rusty Wadatz

Stephanie Blake, Ryan Eddy   Sheridan Gaenger, Will Phillips  Rose Costello, Catherine Mindell

Nicole Holmes, Bria Wing                                  Trevor Hubbard, Rachel Mann, Josh Watson

Jennifer West, Mark Wayland, Jessica West            Nicole Nejeschleba, Ella Keeven

Dorie Wetzel, Abbie Lewis, Shannon Klauschie   Lindsey Paschel, Sarah Tomonari

Ally Barker, Alexa Fluhr, Claire Colt


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