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Love + Sex

For the Love of Twitter: The Ultimate #Valentine?

Lovers, are you still searching for that most thoughtful, touching, sensuous gift for your beloved? Can you not possibly fathom a world in which your social media presence is not celebrated in all of its viral glory with every action you take? Have we got the Valentine’s Day gift for you.

A Dating Game for San Francisco Bike Lovers

Lovelorn bachelors and bachelorettes, this is your week to find love. And the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is going to help you. On Wednesday, February 5, the SFBC is hosting its annual dating game for bike-enthusiasts. If you’ve been having trouble meeting the sexy girls in the bike lanes, this may be your shot.

Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Knocks Prop 8 Back to CA; Gatherings Today at City Hall, in Castro

It's a big, big Gay Pride week for San Francisco, and this morning the Supreme Court unveiled their final marquee decisions of the term, dismissing Prop. 8 on standing grounds, and once and for all striking down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional.

Send Your Sweetie One of These Adorable Bike Valentines

Remember how great it was to get valentines in elementary school? You’d walk through the classroom and put a valentine on everyone’s desk and come home with a bag full of cards. The cards were always so awesome, with witty phrases—like a Star Wars one that says “Yoda one for me” or a Batman one that reads “I’m batty for you.” Ah, memories.

Three Romantic San Francisco Bike Rides

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, lovers. Last night was Love on Wheels, the dating game for bicycle lovers. There were so many bike/sex innuendoes that I was glad for today’s rainy commute to wash me clean. Just kidding, I’m totally going to use some of those lines on my sweetie.

Two Sense: Why Are My Lesbian Friends Mad That I Don't Want to Be Monogamous?

Lesbian Couple

Everyone I know assumes that lesbians are hot for monogamy, but all I want to do is play around. I’m in my early 30s and nowhere near ready to settle down. I get so much grief from my circle of lesbian friends about this, or when I meet a new woman and she asks my “relationship history.” At this age, I feel I deserve the same right to casual sex that gay men—and for that matter, straight single women—do, but my circle of women isn’t buying it. Don’t’ get me wrong, there are always ladies ready to hook up late at night, but it is not acceptable to openly talk about it, never mind celebrate it like the guys do. I spent the first 20 years of my life pretending to be straight, and now I feel I have to pretend to be monogamous. Help. is the New Way San Francisco Dates

Holding Hands

Spending precious hours of your life on dating sites can start to feel pretty soul-sucking, especially in a place like San Francisco where there is a ton to do. When it comes to online dating, we prefer to make plans with a total catch, and then get out there and actually do it! That's why is San Francisco's new go-to dating site.

Blossom Organics: Organic Care for Down There

Blossom Organics: Organic Care for Down There

With a mission to bring an organic sensibility to every personal care category, the Founding Formulator behind Marin’s Juice Beauty, Melissa Jochim, takes on intimate care with Blossom Organics.

Fixing Your Post-March Madness Relationship Woes

Fixing Your Post-March Madness Relationship Woes

Fellas, fellas, fellas…You've probably just spent four days holed up in a bar or glued to the couch in March Madness heaven. You no doubt loved every second of it and are already fired up for the Sweet 16 on Thursday. Like an addict, you are hooked. Making matters worse, your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife is starting to feel neglected. She is fed up with buddies, booze, and basketball being your priorities.

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