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How Are You Spending Valentine's Day? Show Us on Instagram

How Are You Spending Valentine's Day? Show Us on Instagram

Today's the kind of day when people are either completely stoked on life or waiting for the moment they can post up at a bar and drink until they forget they're single. Do you love or hate Valentine's Day? Do you dress in all red, or drown your sorrows with your friends by singing angry karaoke songs? We want to know, via Instagram.

Why Men Hate Valentine's Day

Why Men Hate Valentine's Day

At dinner with a friend’s middle school tween, I asked what he had in store for Valentine’s Day. The eighth grader planned to give a special red note to his newly beloved girlfriend (of six weeks). Ah, to be young and not jaded.

Most men absolutely loathe Valentine’s Day. I decided to poll my male friends and find out where the hatred lies. As a service to all you guys out there (and, more importantly, a lesson for the gals) here’s some insight on why dudes despise V-Day, straight from the mouths of men:

Bike-Loving Singles, Find Your Sweetie at Love on Wheels

Bike-Loving Singles, Find Your Sweetie at Love on Wheels

Any given Saturday at Zeitgeist or Gestalt will reveal one simple truth: San Francisco has a lot of bicycle loving singles. But have no fear, pedal lovers, you won’t have the last bike hanging in the bar stall anymore—or at least you have one good shot coming up to find your bike loving partner. Next Wednesday, February 8th, is the annual Love on Wheels event, the 1970s dating game for bike enthusiasts.

How To End Up With a Date at a Singles Event

Walking into a room where everyone else is looking for a date (and probably a relationship) is absurdly comforting. A profound moment of "So this is where all the single people my age are — in Dogpatch eating cheese." So it was with the Try Me event last Saturday. Here are some tips I picked up at the event, which also hold true for bars, parties, the grocery store, or anywhere you're feeling brave.

211 Sutter Street: Now an Orgasm Pop-Up Shop

Not since Samantha Jones has a woman brought the female orgasm to heightened awareness. But this time, it's not HBO, it's reality. OneTaste founder Nicole Daedone is bringing her conversation about slow sex to the streets via a pop-up called "Project Orgasm Is...". The art installation and yoga spread triples as a space where you can get a taste of the orgasm entrepreneur’s teachings. The previous Loehmann's men's store on the corner of Sutter and Kearny just got a lot more interesting.

DINKs Get a Website

It's a conception that you'll find high-income couples who've opted out of parenthood unabashedly shopping artisan cheese sections, high-fiving exotic fish on scuba trips or lounging on chaises inside Dwell magazine spreads. For better or for worse, DINKs certainly have a lot of haters, as hilariously captured in the launch video for, a new SF-based website dedicated to embracing and celebrating the DINK (Dual Income No Kids) lifestyle.

See video

Online Dating Meets The Rest of Technology: SwoonXO

If the thought of writing another dating profile makes you want to 1) thwack your head firmly against your desk, 2) stay single forever because it's easier than trying to be charming yet humble via the written word, 3) stand up and yell about how even Hemingway would've sucked at this - well, you might just be in luck. The internet and the wonders of technology are conspiring in your favor. 

Photos: Sex Workers Film & Arts Festival at the Roxie Theater

Since 1999, the Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival at the Roxie Theater has taken the taboo to the big screen and served as a forum for workers and filmmakers in sex industries from around the world. From educational and eye-popping documentaries straight to midnight porn, the fest is showing now through May 29th.

Try Me SF: A New Service that Aims to Completely Change SF's Dating Scene

Beth Cook and Jen Corbett have a lofty goal: to completely change San Franciso’s dating scene. After gazing in disbelief at the roster of amazing people who want relationships and just aren’t finding them, the long time friends decided to take control. With backgrounds in PR and marketing - and an infallible sense of how to excise the bullshit that so often accompanies romance - Beth and Jen have hefty doses of tough love to dispense and an honest desire to help people find their match.

“What men don’t realize is that this city could be your oyster if you ask a woman out,” says Beth. “Because no one does that.”

Bay Area Power Couples: Felipe and Liza Sandoval of Maya Restaurant

It's hard to start a business in the Bay Area. And even harder to make it successful. We're inspired by the couples who have done it together and have decided to highlight them every week in our "Bay Area Power Couples" blog series.

Opened in 1999, Maya Restaurant quickly became one of the best Mexican fine dining destinations in the city, and a nationally-recognized and family-run one at that. It's helmed by the husband-wife team Felipe and Liza Sandoval, who are different sides of the same coin: Felipe's savvy business skills and shy demeanor perfectly complement Liza's bubbly, front-of-house charisma. Hope on over for their delicious authentic dishes and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a few margaritas from their bar!

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