Summertime makes me feel fine.

This is what I did Friday. I worked from home on our upcoming August food issue and when I thought I couldn’t stand to look at my computer any longer, I made lunch.

Lunch was Bubalus Bubalis fresh mozzarella [] made from the milk of water buffalo raised in California (and sold at Tomales Bay Foods). It tastes nothing like the tasteless, rubbery fresh mozzarella you can normally find—the taste is rich and it has a soft, almost spreadable texture.

I had it with a sliced tomato from the Noe Valley market (an Early Girl that was a bit too early) and fresh basil from the Alemany market. A lot of olive oil. Fleur de sel and ground pepper. Then I sat on my two-step stoop where the sun shines the hottest and ate.

Life was very good. Summer seemed here.

Until I had to get back to work.