Global stylist Jason Campbell is after the closets of Silicon Valley executives. This week he brought his unique approach to creating hyper-organized, fashion forward closets to the hoodie-sporting execs of the tech world. 

With an international roster of big-name clients that include Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed-listers, celebrities, and global elite like Wendi Murdoch, Ivanka Trump and Kathy Freston, Campbell was well equipped to combat the Bay Area's laid back nature. Socialites and techies alike flocked to his curated collection of luxury clothing, handbags, and accessories 

The pop-up was held at 242 State Street, a stunning space featuring floor to ceiling glass-and-steel windows that roll up to create an indoor/outdoor space perfecting for showcasing the chic ware available.

All photos by Susana Bates for Drew Altizer Photography