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Photos: 7x7's Hot 30 2012 Celebration at Jones

On October 17, 7x7 honored our Hot 30 2012—our editors' annual roundup of San Francisco's most promising and prominent innovators in food, sports, the arts, science, technology, design, business, nonprofits, and more—with a private, exclusive event at the fantastic Jones lounge and restaurant nearby Union Square.

Photos: 7x7 Best of San Francisco 2012 at Ghirardelli Square

On June 7, 7x7 and Ghirardelli Square staged the annual celebration of the Best of San Francisco. Hundreds of guests enjoyed warm breezes at an exclusive event with several cherished partners, delicous bites, and specialty cocktails.

Photos: 7x7's VIP Reception for New Executive Editor Chloe Harris Frankeny at Parallel 37 in the Ritz-Carlton

On January 18th, San Francisco's elite business leaders were invited to the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco's beautiful new lounge and restaurant, Parallel 37, to meet 7x7's new executive editor, Chloe Harris Frankeny.

Chloe's strong fashion background and editorial vision were on full display as she announced a major redesign of 7x7's magazine, which will launch in March 2012 with the annual Spring Fashion Issue. Guests garnered face-time with Chloe to explore ways to collaborate throughout the year.

San Francisco's Favorite Charities: Send Us Your Nominations!

The holidays are creeping towards us once again (there is Halloween candy already on our desks here at 7x7), yet it seems like not so long ago when we first asked the City to rally together to name their favorite charities doing the hardest and best work for their fellow San Franciscans. This fall, we've partnered with one of the largest corporate philanthropists in the Bay Area, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), in a big way to kick off the second year of honoring your favorite charities in the spirit of the season of giving.

Photos: 7x7's Celebration of San Francisco's Hot 20 of 2011 at AT&T Park

On September 21, 7x7 staged one of our liveliest signature events at AT&T Park. San Francisco's most innovative, exciting and influential citizens joined hundreds boisterous, athletic supporters on the Club Level overlooking the stunning field of our world champion SF Giants.

The Hot 20 2011

From the pitcher who got his groove back to the doctor who's bringing Pac Heights to Bayview to the gamer who wants to fix reality itself—these are the 20 locals putting the spotlight on SF and lighting a fire under the rest of us.


Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, Instagram founders Maia Kayser, Rango animator
Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, Instagram founders Maia Kayser, Rango animator

Urban Ledger: The Irony of Yoga Fashion and Its Gusseted Crotch of Higher Consciousness


In this time of great transition, as the Earth writhes, nations sweat, regional print magazines celebrate 10 years of not being completely devoured by the Interweb, and the world prepares for the great 2012 metaconscious roller-disco-waterslide-slam-dance, one urgent question emerges like a deranged, ecstatic gopher to dominate all others. Whatever will you wear?

Urban Ledger: My Two-Wheeled Kingdom

I could tell you that I started riding my bike to work because I wanted to save the planet. But really, it was an article in The New York Times Style section. (My significant other swears I will do anything if it appears in The New York Times Style section. However, I have yet to take up shower-skipping-as-fashion-statement, a concept that appeared in an issue this past fall.) This story featured a number of stylish young women from Brooklyn (where else?) who managed to turn bicycling into a catwalk-worthy event. These two-wheeled fashionistas could be found pedaling their vintage cruisers across the five boroughs in Prada skirts, bibbed sweaters, and kitten heels. Studying the photographs of these excruciatingly chic women whizzing through NYC traffic sans helmets, I desperately wanted to be one of them, despite the fact that my closet contained not one of the aforementioned items of clothing. And that I was somewhat fuzzy on the definition of a kitten heel.

Nevertheless, the following morning, I pumped up the tires of my granny-geared bike—because SF is hillier than all five New York boroughs put together. I pulled on an Athleta yoga skirt, which, while not Prada, does possess its own stretchy style, and opted for my usual SF footwear: cowboy boots. Thanks to the pointy toes, they turned out to be surprisingly easy for navigating toe clips. Following the example of the chic young Brooklynites, I also chose to ride sans helmet, a decision I amended after two days, realizing that a massive head injury is very difficult to render stylish.

The 2011 Hot 20 Under (And Over) 40 Readers' Choice: And The Winner Is...

Thanks to everyone who voted in our 2011 Hot 20 Under (and Over) 40 Readers' choice. This year's nominees were an impressive group —all movers and shakers in the Bay Area music, tech, culture, food, literary, sports and medicine commuties. Check out the original 49 nominees, the 20 second round finalists, and the 7 finalists for a trip back down inspiration lane.

Hot 20 2011: Ruth Laskey, Visual artist

The Dream Weaver
Ruth Laskey, 35
Visual artist
Photographed by John Lee at the Twill House in Glen Ellen

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