An evening of "fun and frying" awaits you tomorrow night at the UN Plaza. "Deep Fried Not Bombs," a kind of vegan sit-in providing complementary vegan batter and a complementary vat of hot oil (fondue for peace?), invites you to bring your favorite vegetables or dairyless/meatless items to dunk into the fryalator (which they promise will get hot enough, unlike last time). They'll be serving up rice as well to "calm your stomach". Vegan protesters apparently don't have stomachs of steel.

I'm generally for peace not war, but when it comes to events like this, there's a part of me—probably latent hippie frustration leftover from my days at UC Santa Cruz—that desperately wants to sneak a slab of pork belly into the pot just to see what happens. It might almost be worth the onion rings I'd be pelted with.