Market Watch: This Week's Cream of the Crop


If anyone has the inside sccop when it comes to the Ferry Plaza Farmers market it's Lulu Meyer, associate director of market operations at CUESA. You'll see her at the market, rain or shine. Every week, she'll be giving us her short list for the market—just in time for Saturday shopping. Go to for more information about farmers, what's in season and market goings-on.

1. I usually wait to taste spring strawberries ‘til they’ve been in the market for at least a few weeks. But this Saturday, after watching several chefs push around carts full of these bad boys, I decided I had to try some for myself. The Albions I tasted—right off the back of the truck at Dirty Girl Produce—were as sweet as it gets. Dirty Girl’s Joel Schirmer says he’ll also have Seascapes, Chandlers, and Aromas ripening up soon.

2. This week marks the return of Lavender Lady lilacs from The Peach Farm. These fragrant show stoppers will be yours for the taking—but only if you get to the market early and only for a few short weeks.

3. This Saturday at the market CUESA will be celebrating all things goat with a “Hoof-a-Palooza” celebration. Our market chef, Sarah Henkin, will be cooking up goat tacos, Chef Louis Maldonado of Café Majestic will be demonstrating a goat-centric dish and we’ll have a goat cheese information station set up with all kinds of info about goat breeds and the cheese-making process. Once you’re in the goat spirit, I recommend picking up a wedge of Capricious cheese from Achadinha. This aged, semi-hard cheese has a wonderful nutty flavor and tastes fantastic shaved over roasted asparagus.

4. Speaking of asparagus, last Saturday I got a chance to catch Chef Jamie Lauren of Absinthe demo her asparagus salad recipe in the CUESA kitchen. Her recipe called for jumbo asparagus which are now available from Zuckerman’s Farm. Roscoe Zuckerman, a 3rd generation farmer from the Delta region just started bringing these plump spears to market each week.

5. You may have heard the buzz about the chicharrones from 4505 Meats, chef Ryan Farr’s new venture. These salty, slightly spicy and oh-so addictive taste sensations will be available at Fatted Calf’s booth starting this Saturday.

See you at the market!

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