Market Watch: This Week's Cream of the Crop


If anyone has the inside scoop when it comes to the Ferry Plaza Farmers market it's Lulu Meyer, associate director of market operations at CUESA. You'll see her at the market, rain or shine. Every week, she'll be giving us her short list for the market—just in time for Saturday shopping. Go to for more information about farmers, what's in season and market goings-on.

This Saturday, farmers Kim and Mark Sorensen of Triple Delight Blueberries—whose name is a tribute to their three lovely daughters—will return for the season with their amazing berries. Mark, a fourth generation farmer, and his family grow six varieties of blueberries, including Legacy, Star and Sierra, in the Fresno area. It looks like blueberry pancakes are in the cards for Sunday Brunch.

Cottage cheese is a funny thing—some people love it, some despise it. I myself have always been a lover, but it wasn’t until I discovered Cowgirl Creamery’s version that I realized that I'd been missing something all these years. For their Clabbered Cottage Cheese, curdled or “clabbered” cream—which is similar in consistency and taste to crème fraiche—is added to curds made with nonfat organic milk from Strauss Dairy. The result is a thick and creamy cottage cheese with a rich flavor and the power to transform even the biggest cottage cheese skeptic into a fan.

I am always on the quest for relief from my allergies. Recently, Helen Marshall of Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey suggested I try some of their SF City Limits Honey, which is harvested from hives placed throughout the city. Helene tells me that eating honey from bees that live within a 20 mile radius of your home can help you build up immunity to local allergy-causing pollen. Their city limits honey is also light and sweet and perfect for adding to tea or yogurt. I also enjoy it drizzled over a bowl of berries.

Jim Brooks of Brooks and Daughters Sprouts has quite an array of sprouts at his booth each week. Sprouts are packed with healthy vitamins, minerals and proteins and taste pretty great too. Of course not sprouts are created equal. If you haven’t tried spicy daikon radish sprouts, peppery broccoli sprouts or mildly sweet fenugreek sprouts, I recommend all three as great ways to spice up your next salad or sandwich.

Summer squash has begun to appear at the market along with beautiful vibrant squash blossoms. I love these beautiful blossoms stuffed and fried, or added to quesadillas, soups and risottos. Their flavor is delicate and mildly spicy with a hint of the zucchini they would have become if left on the vine. But it’s the orange and yellow burst of color they bring to any dish that promises summer is on its way. Find them now at Chue’s Farm.

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