Tough questions defy genre. Meaning, don’t be surprised if a modern dance performance actually turns out to be a discussion of what constitutes murder.

Choreographer Mary Carbonara investigates this violent verb in her latest piece, What Does It Feel Like to Kill Someone? Human beings do tend to kill one another, whether its on television or in a back alley or from a governmental war room. Our access to scenes of violence - both real and manufactured - is unprecedented in human history. So...what does that mean, on a personal level and as a global community? What is our responsibility and what is our point of action? To turn off the TV? To avoid taking up genocide as a career? To care?

Exploring tricky questions of morality on a kinesthetic canvas, Carbonara weighs the human response to threat. Featuring an original score by Peter V. Swendson, spoken word and electronic music is layered over Carbonara’s lyrical and arresting choreography.

June 8-10. Kust-Stoff Arts, One Grove Street. Tickets are $20 at