Michael Cera exudes youthful awkwardness. Maybe that's why the promo campaign for his new movie "Youth in Revolt" is targeted at college kids. In a ploy that pits area schools against each other–as if UC Berkeley and Stanford didn't hate each other enough already–Eventful.com/The Cobra Snake are demanding that you announce your allegiance and vote for the school you want to screen the movie. What's more, Cera and co-star Portia Doubleday will make an appearance. But don't worry drop outs, we've got a pair of tickets to the premiere screening on December 4th (theater TBA) AND passes to the after party at the The Westin St. Francis Hotel Grand Ballroom (they'll be there too). Tell us, fair readers, which Michael Cera scene (from any of his canon) is your favorite in the comments below and the tickets could be yours. Or, you can just buy them here: Oh! Snap!