Meet Molly Mutt, Berkeley's Eco-Friendly Pet Company


Bay Area dog lovers have a plethora of options to choose from to pamper their pooches. From doggie daycare to designer collars, there’s something for every dog and its owner. One San Francisco woman has taken her love for dogs and design a step further, creating an environmentally friendly way for pets and their owners to look good.

The idea for molly mutt was born in 2009, when Molly Mundt was living in a tiny San Francisco apartment with three dogs.

“After one especially grueling trip to do laundry, I realized that I wanted a cover for the dogs' beds, like the one I have for my own bed. Something durable, stylish, and easy to wash,” said Mundt.  

The concept is simple really. The molly mutt dog duvet lets pet lovers recycle stuff they already have like old clothes, towels, blankets or even an old dog bed. Stuff it all into a duvet cover and you’ve got a new bed. Mundt says molly mutt duvet covers are designed to keep textiles out of landfills, especially large, unrecyclable dog beds. As an added bonus, by recycling leftover stuff from around the house, the owner’s scent automatically transfers to the dog’s bed, something most furry friends find comforting. For cat lovers, no worries–molly meow duvets are also available.

All duvet covers are made from durable, washable and pre-shrunk 100% cotton canvas. The design names might ring a bell, because the prints are named after songs. Along with duvet covers, the company makes an assortment of pet goodies like crate covers, reversible tote bags and waste bag holders called Fillmore Street pouches. There are three dogs that serve as official product testers, Beans, Pickle, and Rocky (two of which are rescue dogs).  

The molly mutt warehouse is located in Berkeley, just north of the 4th Street shopping district. It’s not open to the public, but the company just recently had its first warehouse sale, benefitting the East Bay-Berkeley Humane Society. Until the next sale, you can find molly mutt products on their website and in over 1,000 independent pet stores.

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