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Anyone who reads on the regular knows how much we love animals. Welcome to our new series "Meet Your New Best Friend," with the support of the animal lovers at K9 Scrub Club. It's a weekly chance for you to find your star-crossed furry friend and learn about different animal rescue agencies while you're at it.

This week, say hello to the awesome Muttville Senior Dog Rescue (who you may remember won our 2011 Favorite SF Charity Contest) . They specialize in finding loving homes or hospice care for adorable senior dogs. Today, we want you to meet Shadow and Booboo. Read their backstories below and get in touch with Muttville (via email at or by phone at 415-272-4172) ASAP to adopt one or both of these delightful pups!
BooBoo, 8, Spayed Shih Tzu
The sweet little Shih Tzu Boo Boo came to Muttville timid and scared from a last-minute rescue at the shelter after moving around from place to place.
After just two days in her foster home, she was a prancing, happy snuggler, grateful for the slightest affection.

She is about 8-years-old and loves having her beautiful golden blonde hair brushed, getting a bath, and hanging out with her paws on your lap and looking soulfully into your eyes. In less than a week, she re-learned her house-training. BooBoo will greet you with a smile at the door and do her little wiggle dance. At about 15 pounds, she’s small but solid. She’s not quite used to the leash yet, but is learning.

Great with cats and other dogs, she’s just a mellow little ray of sunshine. She has a pronounced limp partially due to the bowed legs that are a breed characteristic and may have a touch of arthritis – but she’ll happily run in the park with her friends nonetheless. This tough little survivor deserves a forever home full of love and soft places to nap and play.

Shadow, 10, Female Shepard mix
Shadow our big, beautiful lady, is a really good dog – she puts up with anything and is beyond sweet. Shadow came to us in pretty rough shape, but after a good grooming, she came out shining and smelling great.

Shadow gets along well with other dogs and would love to cuddle and get pets all day long. She's on the heavy side so she will need to be on a slow and steady exercise regimen along with a good diet. Muttville believes she is about 10 years old. Shadow will be a wonderful addition to any home!

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