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Anyone who reads on the regular knows how much we love animals. Welcome to our new series "Meet Your New Best Friend," with the support of the animal lovers at K9 Scrub Club. It's a weekly chance for you to find your star-crossed furry friend and learn about different animal rescue agencies while you're at it.

This week, say hello to the Saving Grace Rescue. This one-woman operation is dedicated to the rescue of felines under 8 weeks old and cats with special needs. Today, we want you to meet Pirate and Zoe . Read their backstories below and get in touch with Saving Grace Rescue by emailing Amber Holly at ASAP to adopt one or both of these delightful kitties!

Pirate is a 12-week-old blue and white domestic shorthair neutered male.  He was found abandoned in a lawn at two weeks old and bottle fed.  His eyes were damaged causing partial blindness.  Pirate also has a heart condition due to a compressed ribcage.  Surgery corrected his ribcage and he is happy and playful!  Pirate loves cuddles, packing peanuts, other kittens and long conversations.

Zoe is a 2-year-old black and white domestic shorthair spayed female. Zoe was returned to a local shelter because she gained weight in her previous home that caused her to be at risk for diabetes.  Zoe has been on a diet and is feeling much more like her young self.  Sweet and cuddly, Zoe will show you her tuxedo belly in exchange for some rubs.

Both are vaccinated, microchipped, FeLV/FIV tested and flea free! And a note: K9 Scrub Club expanded its line of cat products, treats, and food.

This post is sponsored by K9 Scrub Club, located in Noe Valley.  A premium dog wash & specialty store like no other!


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