Meg Ray Is Obsessed With Chicken Korma


“Tracking down the perfect chicken korma became something like a vision quest for me. Honestly, I took out $100 from the bank and then went to nine Indian restaurants. In a row. My favorite place is Lahore Karahi—their korma is different than what I normally like. It’s a little less creamy than the usual, but the spicing is perfect. They don’t sell alcohol there, but you can buy Kirin at the corner store and it’s a perfect match for the korma—better even than [Indian lager] Taj Mahal. And it’s cheap—a plate of korma, with rice, is only $9.80 and it can easily feed two. My second favorite spot is Little Delhi, on Eddy. It’s like an old ’50’s diner converted to an Indian restaurant. It’s the quintessential Tenderloin joint, with a total mix of people and a great atmosphere—funky, not dirty. And the place is bumpin’. After trying nine places in a row I can tell you that there’s a huge variation in korma, and I’m more convinced than ever that I should continue my search. Often I don’t care to go out to eat because often I feel like I could make [the same food] better myself. But korma is a dish you can’t make at home. Therefore it’s worth every penny.”

Lahore Karahi, 612 O'Farrell St., 415- 567-8603
Little Delhi, 83 Eddy St., 415-398-3173

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