The Fine Arts Museums of SF (Legion of Honor and de Young Museum) threw its fourth annual Junior Committee of the Fine Art's Museum Mid-Winter Gala last weekend at the de Young. The black-tie event grossed a whopping $400,000 for the museums. Vanessa Getty (in Lanvin) and Trevor Traina acted as honorary chairs with Allison Speer and Kathryn Lasater as co-chairs.

Troy and Angelique Griepp                Kimberly Bini, Vanessa Getty        Victoria, Katie and Vanessa Traina

Connie Nielsen, Todd Traina      Allison Speer, Alex Fisher           Trevor Traina, Simon Thieriot

Annaliese McDonald, Guest      Tarajia Morrell                    Gilbert Orser, Todd and Katie Traina

Roger and Sloan Barnett, Trevor Traina   Chris Bass, Brian Wilsey      Jill Burns

Catherine Holstein, Haden Slater   Lydia Mondavi          Lori Levine, Craig and Shell Cardon

Daniel Donahoe, John Golob        Kate Harbin                            Tina and Bruce Jaber

Trevor Traina, Lucy and John Buchanan                                          JP Thieriot, Lori Levine, Stephan Jenkins

Reed Woodson, Tarajia Morrell     Holly Lawson                 Samantha Traina, Dana Collins

Trevor Traina, Vandy Boudreau    Juliet de Baubigny, Alexis Swanson   Vanessa Getty, Stephan Jenkins

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