Mmmm...Breakfast: Our Go-Tos at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market


Lulu Meyer brings the best of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market to us every week.

When shopping at the market you might find, as I often do, that all those fruits, veggies, cheeses and array of pastured meat goodies can whet your appetite. With so many options and choices for both the picky and not-so-picky you’d be hard pressed not to find something to satiate your hunger and the hunger of anyone you take to market with you. Some of my regular go-to market breakfasts include:

Chilaquile’s at Primavera Cocina
Perfectly scrambled eggs, beans, queso, crema, a bit of avocado and home-made chips all cooked in a tasty sauce, sometimes green or red depending on the day, and always delicious

French Toast at Rose Pistola
Piled high with fresh cream and a seasonal fruit compote Rose Pistola’s version of this breakfast classic is decadent and designed to fuel you up and prepare you for one more lap around the market

San Francisco-Style lox sandwich at Captain Mike’s
You’ll have a choice of one of three smoked fish options all served on Acme sourdough slathered with fresh cream cheese made by Sally, the Captain’s wife, and adorned with fresh and pickled items from the market and a sprinkle of Eatwell Farm’s lavender sea-salt

Eggs and Bacon at Hayes Street Grill
Sometimes I just want the basics. The Saturday team at Hayes St. has been banging out this classic dish --scrambled eggs piled high on an Acme baguette with a side of bacon--since 1998.

Pancakes and sausage at Prather Ranch
Later in the day, the Prather crew will switch into burger mode, but up until about 11 am you can order their delicious griddled buttermilk pancakes topped with fruit from the market and a side of Prather’s very own whiskey-maple breakfast sausage

This Saturday the gang from Namu and the legendary 4505 Meats will join the mix and though both will offer up some of their Thursday favorites they will also be adding breakfast additions to their menu. The hardest part for me will be deciding what to add into my own rotation of breakfast favorites. Will it be a steaming hot bowl of Namu’s ‘Loco-Moco’—Marin Sun Farm’s  beef patty over kochihikari rice topped with a pastured over-easy egg and dashi gravy—or perhaps 4505’s buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy and braised greens? Maybe, both.

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