Oakland musician turned documentarian Justin Dillon has always used his guitar like an AK-47 (see Love is the Greatest Revenge). Now he's using it like a video camera for a rockumentary with a cause—Call + Response. After learning about atrocities in Russia while traveling with his band, Tremolo, Dillon decided to embark on a life journey to eradicate the slave trade. Call and Response, which returns for an encore performance at the Roxie November 14, is the first step - and sheds light on this global problem through the eyes of music. "A concert to end slavery," he calls it. Celebs and musicians alike - Ashley Judd, Julia Ormond, Daryl Hannah, Moby, The Cold War Kids, Talib Kweli, Matisyahu and Natasha Bedingfield, to name a few- rallied to the cause and appear in the film.

Here's the trailer:

It's showing at the Roxie (3117 16th Street San Francisco) November 14-20 and encore premiering on November 20th at the California Theater (2113 Kittredge Berkeley). Go check it out. -Jason Jurgens of The Owl Mag