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There was much to celebrate last night at the SF20 preview party which benefitted the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Not only has this show and sale of 20th-century decorative arts firmly established itself as a solid hit among designistas, but museum members were abuzz over the news that Doris and Don Fisher had reached an agreement with SFMOMA to house their dazzling private collection which features some of the most significant works in modern and contemporary art.

Huzzah, sweetie!

“I’m so excited,” exclaimed SFMOMA Board President Charles Schwab. “The scope of the Fisher Collection, the vision of it, will transform SFMOMA from a wonderful museum of 20th-century art into one of the most important museums in the world!”

SFMOMA Board Chairman Charles Schwab and his wife, Helen Schwab

Schwab and his wife, Helen, were also rightly proud of their daughter, Katie Schwab, who served with Allison Speer and Stanlee Gatti as an SF20 Event co-chairman. All of whom were expertly led down the gala path by SF20 Honorary Chairwoman (and former SFMOMA Board Chairman) Elaine McKeon.

Katie Schwab even arrived early to ensure primo shopping time at the Antik Gallery of New York.

“Mid-century is a passion of mine and my mother’s,” explained Schwab. “We’ve traveled all over together to discover new works and designers of this genre. What I love about this show is SF20 has gathered so many great dealers in one spot!”

And some 700 guests felt the same as they traipsed along the aisles (whilst munching on mounds of McCall Associates delicacies) of Herbst Pavilion in Fort Mason Center, ogling the Mad Men-esque aura which exuded from tricked-out booths of some 45 local and national dealers.

“The quality of the show is much higher this year,” said show producer Rosemary Krieger of Dolphin Productions, delighted with the turnout. (Note: the show runs through this Sunday).

SF20 Designer Circle Chairman Douglas Durkin (recently named one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 designers), agreed.

“I just bought a set of hand-carved mushrooms from France. I don’t know why, but now they have a home,” said Durkin, with a laugh. “There’s something for everybody at this show!”

Many of Durkin’s clients are modernists. But in his personal life, Durkin is a proud traditionalist. He also serves with the Designers’ Circle of the SF Fall Antiques Show (which opens on Oct. 28). A long-running event which many worried might suffer because of the arrival of SF20.

“SF20 has a very different focus from the Fall Antiques Show which I’m also very excited about,” explained Durkin. “I believe they are both extraordinary venues which talk to clients in a similar fashion yet in a very different language.”

And the “language” at SF20 was upbeat as many of the dealer’s wares were moving quickly last night.

“Compared to last year, we’re finding the mood is very good among people tonight,” said Roth Martin, co-owner of our very own and super chic Hedge Gallery.

Martin and his design partner, Steven Volpe, also had great fun creating their booth out of 100-year-old reclaimed wood from an Illinois barn. That setting also served as Party Central, within the party, as friends and fans of the local duo stopped in to sip and shop.

Featured were a collection of contemporary chairs by artists such as Marcel Wanders who crafted a creation out of epoxied lace. A marble chair carved by Ai Weiwei was in homage to the classic look of the Ming and Qing dynasties. As well as a knockout Bone Chair by Dutch artist Joris Laarman whose work is coveted by museum’s worldwide.

Next door to Hedge is the R 20th Century gallery of New York, manned by the dashing due of Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman. They are well-known for their one-of-a-kind works by such artists as Joaquim Tenreiro as well as the much-desired sculptures of Jeff Zimmerman.

But the pièce de résistance, both at the show and in this booth? A large-scale 1976 stack-laminated maple wood dining table by artist Wendell Castle. Its price was rumored between $700 and $800K. And two savvy shoppers were each determined to land the monumental piece.

Indeed there was something for everyone. Including the amazement experienced by Cathy Topham when her husband, Ned Topham, declared SF20, “The best party ever!”

But that didn’t surprise Durkin.

“Beauty is important in our lives, we have to have it,” said Durkin, wisely. “We also need a good party every now and then, too!”

SF20 continues through Sunday. Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco. Tickets: $15.

Check out more photos below

SF20 Honorary Chairman Elaine McKeon with SF20 Event co-chairs Allison Speer, Katie Schwab and Stanlee Gatti


SFMOMA Director Neal Benezra, his wife, Maria Makela and SF20 Designer Circle Chairman Douglas Durkin

The Downtown Gallery booth

Billy and Vanessa Getty

Hedge Gallery co-owner Steven Volpe with SF20 Connoisseur co-chairs Heidi and Caley Castelein

R 20th Century gallerists Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman

Downtown dealer Robert Willson and SF20 producer Rosemary Krieger

Norman and Norah Stone with artist Jan De Cocks

Goods at the Antik Gallery booth

Amanda Michael, Cathy Topham and Eileen Michael

Gretchen and Howard Leach

Hedge Gallery co-owner Roth Martin in his booth's Antler Chair

Tod Donobedian and Susie Tompkins Buell

Adam Clammer, Kate Harbin Clammer, Alec Perkins and Daniel Lurie

An artistic tableaux in the Dragonette booth

Randi Fisher, Carla Emil and Ned Topham

Summer and Brooks Walker

Brian Wilsey with Laura and Nelson Bolling

Howard and Mary Zlot

Ned Topham with Justine and Stephen Williams

Joaquim Tenreiro pieces in the R 20th Century booth

Richard and Lorrie Greene

Interior designer Kendall Wilkinson and Jill Heatherington

Douglas Durkin and his French mushroom sculptures

Lana Adair and Ricky Serbin

Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie

Bixby Jamison and Danielle DuCaine

Katie Schwab and Matt Paige

Joris Laarman's Bone Chair in the Hedge Gallery

Interior designer Ken Fulk with a Jeff Zimmerman sculpture

Mark Krinsky with Amanda and Michael Harrington

Mexican rosewood chairs by Don Shoemaker in the Downtown booth


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