I'm not usually one for group activities, especially ones forced on you by your employer with the purpose of "team building." But, that said, such events may not be so creepy if you get to choose the members of your group, right? Enter Modern Day Treasure Hunters, which is holding a 21-and-over GPS-navigated scavenger hunt, with clues taking the form of music trivia, in a Walnut Creek park on Friday evening. On average, you traverse about two miles (which easily satifies your step-quotient for the day—just ask your pedometer) during the hunt. The prizes are raffled off (your group collects tickets based on the number of correctly deciphered clues) and there's pizza and soda (and maybe beer, considering the age requirement) to be consumed after all is said and done. Not a bad way to spend two hours with people you actually want to comingle with.