Have you noticed that block of text on the floor of the Castro Muni station? Or that bus shelter poster urging you to believe that "Good Things Take Time?" It's not just a random accident—these pieces plastering public spaces are part of a collaboration between The Thing (a quarterly periodical that's in the form of object, not paper) and those clever folks behind Levi's Made & Crafted

The project—which will be popping up on billboards, newspaper stands, and more in cities worldwide this summer and fall—is called Moment to Moment and is modeled after an experiment artist Dan Graham tried in the '60s, where he bought ad space in Harper's Bazaar to create artworks. Moment to Moment will pan out in the form of commissioned pieces across mediums: text, video, paintings, photos, etc., all exploring the theme that good things take time. Look for Berkeley artist Susan O'Malley's This Is It, Starlee Kline's A Suggestion, plus work by locals Kota Ezawa, artist group Will Brown, and Leslie Shows (check out her fab billboard at 16th and Market).