Because I love what they're doing so much, I'm going to take this space once again to hype an upcoming beer dinner at the Monk's Kettle. This Wednesday Dec 2, the Monk's Kettle folks have devised yet another really cool beer dinner, this time featuring select beers from Shelton Brothers, one of the most adventurous and fascinating beer importers in the country. Almost as cool as their portfolio, which sports beers from 16 different countries (including Brazil and Japan), is the fact that they're based in the aptly named Belchertown, MA. I also love the fact that they emphasize what in the wine world would be the small, boutique products or in the movie world would be "indie" films--beers that are "unmanipulated," hand crafted, natural, and unfiltered and unpasteurized. At the dinner look for such fascinations as Weissenohe Monk’s Fest in Gravity Keg (Germany), Christoffel Nobel Imperial Pilsner (Netherlands), and Mikkeler Santa’s Little Helper Holiday Ale (Denmark). The menu, which is sick (as in delicious)—lamb tartare!—is available here.