Movember: Let the ‘Stache Growing Begin!


With all the Halloween brouhaha, it's easy to forget that a "costumed" occasion of a more dedicated sort is just around the corner.  We say dedicated because it involves growing hair.  As in mustaches.  Epic mustaches. It's all part of Movember, a month-long no-shaving pledge/charity-drive to raise awareness for men's cancers (specifically prostate and testicular cancer). Movember participants (Mo Bros, they're called) vow to abstain from shaving from November 1 until December 3.  The journey culminates with a mustache Gala Parte (going down at Mighty in SF), where the Man of November is crowned.

Take a gander at last year's winner, Tim Irwin of Napa.  This isn't amateur hour, people, it's ‘stache-growing of the highest order.  And this year (due partially, we hypothesize, to the en vogue hipster ‘stache), Movember has had over four times as many people register and has already raised four times as much money as last year.  You can register for Movember, donate to the cause, or check up on your favorite Mo Bros' progress on
So let the mustache-growing begin! But in the meantime, get some inspiration from our gallery of favorite famous mustaches.
Tom Selleck Burt Reynolds John Waters Super Mario Ron Jeremy Groucho Marx Frank Zappa Geraldo Rivera Salvador Dali Hulk Hogan Charlie Chaplin Albert Einstein
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