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My move continues. After packing most of the night on Sunday, we greeted a couple of movers early Monday and proceeded to break our backs carrying boxes, bags, plants and any number of hernia-inducing objects.

Pierre Peters—one of our favorite Champagnes

Because of the hard work, Christie and I decided to celebrate with a little Pierre Peters—one of our favorite Champagnes. It's a blanc de blancs (100% Chardonnay), completely Grand Cru from one of the greatest Chardonnay villages in the world, Mesnil sur Oger. The wine is taut as a piano wire, flush with lemon essence and sprinkled liberally with mineral texture. Incredible.

We particularly savored this bottle, since it’s no longer the house Champagne at the Slanted Door, where it had been served by the glass for years. They said that it was getting too expensive to pour by the glass. So now we’ve resorted to pouring it by the bottle at home!

Fernet Branca

Anyway, in the top photo, you can see our cat, Fernet Branca, slurping up some treats. Here's a closer look at the darling little cat, whom Christie named for an amaro she doesn't even drink (she prefers Amaro Nonino).

Anyway, Pierre Peters. Try it. You can buy it at Arlequin.

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